I have always had the feeling that I’m stronger than others. Well, at times I doubt it. I think I just have more emotional endurance than others. I have always faced more than i should have; and I’m not the one to complain about it either. Every year as I spend my new year’s day, I wait for my birthday to come. Like everyone, I like to wake up one morning and look at my surroundings, imagining how nothing had changed and yet I grew another year more. But as I grow up with every passing birthday, i sit alone for a moment and think, how do I hold myself still when the world around me is turning upside down? Family issues are one thing but when you know one of your family members is missing for at least 22 days, it feels terrible. So this is what happened, my brother went missing since January first 2015 from NYC and it has been 22 days of his complete disappearance. It’s hard for me to state how heart breaking my life is becoming with each year going. But I always admired how people tried to support and understand me during my bad days. Even with the loss of words I’m usually stuck at, I try to sympathize myself as others doing the same doesn’t help me much. It seems as though my whole life is a test. I have to pass it every year to start yet another harder stage. And I just have to keep enduring all these until I eventually get to a point where my life finally comes to an end. Well, after what happened toady, i think I’m waiting for that day now. But before that, I just wanna find my brother first.



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