I don’t know.. but most people would probably not like it.. or even half of them wouldn’t care to read.. But it’s still a nice one I guess… and worth a try 🙂 From multiple point of views :


Ray’s posture, behavior and looks, these were the things which attracted all the girls towards him. Ray had been the hero for every girl – still is, but I have lost all my feelings towards him. And if I start talking about him now, I promise I wouldn’t stop.

“You don’t need to stop” Pari insisted. She wanted Farina to continue.

But Farina didn’t want to start bickering about how her life had taken a turn and how everyone had changed. Yet, she started her story, only to fill her life with more misery and sympathy.

I had only met Ray for eighteen days but still everything about him mesmerised me. Pari, he was better than perfect. We were really good friends until… Pari, do you know he’s an awesome soccer player? And he arts really well? And he’s such a clown! But I still lo…

Again her voice trailed away. Pari had already started to feel sympathetic for Farina. She wanted to say something soothing to her friend. After all the poor girl had had faced a lot, Pari knew that from Farina’s expression.

“It’s okay Farina, I have a feeling I might be able to help you. If not literally then with words.” Pari sympathised, she really wanted to know Farina’s story.

Farina knew she would only get pity from her friend, but wait – Pari thinks it’s called help! She didn’t want to let her memories go but she knew that once Pari hears it she’ll tell her to forget everything, like everyone else did. So, instead of using her brains more, Farina continued with her story.

Well, Pari, how do I make you understand? I had met him, no say, only got to know him eighteen days before the Valentine’s Day and only in these few days, he took my heart away, because eighteen days later all I could think about was him.. I have more or less 150 pictures of Ray and he’s so good looking that I can’t stop looking at his photos. We had become so good friends and something made me feel his feelings for me were mutual! Until… 

“Until?” Pari urged. Her adrenalin was rushing faster and faster with every passing second. Pari’s brain rocked and her curiosity increased. But even though she wanted to know more, she waited.

Farina took deep breaths and waited for Pari to say something more – she didn’t. Feeling lost in her own labyrinth of painful words to choose, Farina stayed silent a moment longer. Slowly she felt her voice and her sense coming back and so she started again.

Until I made the mistake of confessing!

“What?” Pari cut through Farina’s sentence. She was thunderstruck and Farina had stared weeping noiselessly. The next few minutes were spent in a mournful silence.

Farina wiped her tears and raised her left hand towards her heart to feel the beating. She mustered her courage once again.

Pari, don’t take me wrong. I had only confessed because I was scared; not because I wanted him, but because I didn’t want to lose our friendship. I was afraid he might get to know from someone else! I just wanted to share my secret not and ruin our relation! Then why did this happen?

“It’s okay… things are gonna get back to where they were.” Pari patted her poor friend’s shoulder as Farina moved on with her description of Ray.

No, nothing is gonna get right! I was the one who told everyone that Ray is better than perfect. But, my, my – I was wrong! He’s evil! It took me so long to figure out. But why? Bow, when I look at Ray, I feel so misled! Believe me, it hurts me to think how wrong and naïve I’d been!  Now, he crosses me and acts like I don’t exist; now he curses me like it’s normal to do so! He’s so changed. I used to think he was very unique – unlike anyone but so alike me! But only now when I see him, I don’t stare at his physique, I stare at the empty space at the left side of his body! I try to locate his missing heart!

With that, Farina’s voice cracked and she sobbed even harder. She was unhappy to know that her inner volcano had irrupted and that she had said all these. But she also knew that all of these were true. Her first impression of Ray had been wrong – all along. Ray wasn’t the hero, he was the villain.

Pari wiped a tear off Farina’s face as one ran down her own cheek. She wanted to kill Ray badly, now. But she knew, Farina wouldn’t want that, no matter how cheated and misled she was. Farina would tell Pari to stop and never care about her friend. The thought made Pari sad.


The End


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