What to do when Stressed?

First of all, whenever we’re in any trouble we have to do whatever that is the hardest for us at that moment.
When we are stressed, the hardest thing to do is keep calm. This is the first thing we NEED to do. We have to keep calm. Once we know that we’re not panicking and are considerably fine, we need to find a trusted person. Be it a friend, or a family member. Well, the persons are different according to the depressed one’s age.

If you’re a teenager and live with your parents, your problem is minor – just go to your best friend and share. Or find a friend in your journal and write it out, you’ll feel better. The more you confide your problem(s) with a close friend the less traumatic it becomes and one day you’ll wake up to find your life like it was before – free and happy.

If you’re over 18 and don’t live with your family anymore, or are studying abroad, then the right person for you is a family member. If you stay away from your family then think of a family member you know will support you. Usually, in these cases parents are the ones who nag and scold if you share. All they do is tell you to be responsible and careful and that you’re not old enough for anything; which is even more stressful. Thus, talk to someone closer your age, who might understand your situation. Like a sibling. If you don’t have a sibling then you’re the only loved one in your family and have nothing to worry about. But even after that if parents seem painful and if you don’t wanna trouble your parents, talk to an aunt or someone who would swear not to share your secret or trouble with anyone until the right time arrives. Make sure, whichever person you choose is a female. Because at times like these only women understand the actual trouble as sympathy is need more than sense. I’m sure once you share you’ll feel better and relieved. 🙂

Now, the bigger issue is when you’re married and in a job life or have kids. The only person you can share you crisis or issue with is your counterpart; your wife or husband. The best I can suggest is try to avoid internal fights in these circumstances and support each other mentally and financially as much you can. If you see a fight arousing, then try to calm yourself down instead of the other one. Stay calm then and don’t reply at all. Then when situation seems alright, discuss your problems through again.

Finally, In case of old people, the only depression they usually get into is their old age. The older they get, the closer death seems to them. The only solution for them is to know that depression is the bigger concern, not age. If a person is happy from the heart, he’d live more no matter what his/her age. On the contrary if an old person is depressed, life would come to an end ten times faster. So, it’s basically the best to embrace death when it arrives instead of wasting your time anticipating it’s arrival.

Once we’ve completed the second stage, that is shared our problems, then the only thing left is to try to solve it or wait for the right time to arrive. Every problem has a solution. So stay calm and stay strong. AND NEVER EVEN THINK OF COMMITTING SUICIDE!
Hopefully, my advice will come in handy. Thanks. Stay safe!


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